Physiotherapie Sabine Radlicki
Physiotherapie  Sabine Radlicki

Range of therapeutic services


  • Physiotherapy or medical gymnastics in cases of musculoskeletal deficiencies;
  • Manual therapy in cases of orthopaedic problems, sciatica, backache or arthrosis;
  • Medical gymnastics on a neurophysiological basis in cases of paralysis, strokes or multiple sclerosis;
  • Fango therapy gymnastics in cases of pain, arthrosis or for relaxation;
  • Electrotherapy in cases of joint and muscle deficiencies;
  • Sling table therapy in cases of spinal problems and paralysis.


I take time with my patients. Before the first treatment I make a full analysis of the physical complaints. The chosen therapy is carefully selected to specifically treat the results of my findings. I have good contact to various doctors and orthopaedists in the area and am happy to help if you need someone who speaks Spanish.


Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or to make an appointment.

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